The results of studying a silicon-germanium (Si-Ge) nanoheterostructure using refractive X-ray optics are described. The diffraction patterns near the silicon Bragg-diffraction peak 400 in the focal plane of refractive lenses are recorded and analyzed. The experiments are carried out in two different geometries: using 1D and 2D X-ray compound refractive lenses.

Original Russian Text © P.A. Ershov, S.M. Kuznetsov, I.I. Snigireva, V.A. Yunkin, A.Yu. Goikhman, A.A. Snigirev, 2015, published in Poverkhnost’. Rentgenovskie, Sinkhrotronnye i Neitronnye Issledovaniya, 2015, No. 6, pp. 55–59.



Ershov, P.A., Kuznetsov, S.M., Snigireva, I.I. et al. J. Synch. Investig. (2015) 9: 576.

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