© 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. The results of experiments on the formation and investigation of thin film Al2O3 coatings grown via atomic-layer deposition onto beryllium components for X-ray optics applications are detailed. The chemical properties and the structural and phase compositions of coated samples prior to and after exposure to a monochromatic and nonmonochromatic (“white”) synchrotron radiation with a power of up to 1 kW are studied. Approbation demonstrated the high durability of coatings exposed to an intense beam and the prevention of the penetration of unbound beryllium particles to the surface.

Original Russian Text © O.V. Yurkevich, K.Yu. Maksimova, A.Yu. Goikhman, A.A. Snigirev, I.I. Snigireva, 2015, published in Poverkhnost’. Rentgenovskie, Sinkhrotronnye i Neitronnye Issledovaniya, 2015, No. 3, pp. 34–39.



Yurkevich, O.V., Maksimova, K.Y., Goikhman, A.Y. et al. J. Synch. Investig. (2015) 9: 243.

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